So the book is done, and we’re pretty jazzed about it.

If you are in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, this is how you can get your hands on one:

*Find Kirk or I. $20 and a copy of the book is yours.
*Buy it from the Tales bookstore in the Hotel Monteleone. $TBD
*It will be on sale at Cure. Just ask one of the friendly bartenders there.
*If you are not in New Orleans, you can order it here from blurb.com. $18 + tax + shipping (blurb isn’t super friendly with all this stuff, which is why we’re only asking $18 for it).

We are doing a couple of book signings at the Monteleone bookstore as well – stay tuned for the exact times. Update: First signing is at the Hotel Monteleone at 6:30 today. Come!

Thank you to the following contributors, we couldn’t have done it without you:

Erik Ellestad, Kyle Davidson, Stephen Cole, Nicholas Jarrett, Don Lee, Toby Maloney, Paul McGee, Troy Sidle, Tim Lacey, Jeff Grdinich, Chris McMillian, Colin Shearn, Brad Bolt, Ciaran Weise, Misty Kalkofen, Mike Yusko, Al Sotack, Charles Joly, Chris Hannah, Mike Ryan, Rhiannon Enlil, Tonia Guffey, David Wondrich, and Chris Amirault.

If we somehow managed to fuck up your recipe, let me know and sorry!

Also, thank you to everyone who submitted cocktails – we got way too many submissions to fit, and we had to make some really tough decisions because a lot of great cocktails didn’t make it in.

And thank you David Wondrich for writing an awesome foreword for us.

Look forward to seeing y’all in New Orleans!


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Just want to give everyone a heads up that Kirk and I have been working on a new edition of rogue/ beta cocktails and we hope to have it done in time for Tales this summer. We’ve gotten some really amazing submissions and are excited to put the book together. It won’t be called “rogue cocktails” obviously, just providing a bit of context.

Stay tuned for information regarding pre-ordering, release dates, etc.

Also, regarding this blog, obviously we’ve done a bad job updating it, and neither of us can honestly have enough time at the moment to write, so we’ve decided to strip it down and use it primarily to provide updates regarding the new book, and the occasional recipe. Apologies, but figure y’all were tired of checking it out only to see the same old story up top.

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